Two weeks in

I think, soon I'll have time to sit down. Do things.

I've got an e-mail to write to a friend who helped us get here. A letter to my kids' previous preschool, let them know how we're doing. Blog a little.

You know, do things.

But instead, it's, like... geesh.

I think I am starting to feel it this week and it doesn't help that just as I've got an upset tummy, so do my children. And I did, kind of, expect it to happen - it's a new environment after all, new bacteria, new water - but still, it's one thing to think about it ahead of time but another thing to sit behind a computer, nauseous, and hope that it'll ease soon.


Uploading some photos is easy enough though: I've got a workflow set up, resize them all to 600 pixels and up they go.

So here they are, some snapshots of the week gone past.

The Kid announced one day that he wanted to go on his "big bike". Having never successfully rode on it before, I thought, okay, let's take it easy, try. The training wheels make it a bit wobbly, it's daunting for him to sit on it. But he tried, asked that I let go and... off he went. And I was, like, whoa. And now that's it: this is what he's riding. All the time.

Spent the weekend in a beach town of Riverton. Liked it a lot! Like Raglan of the South island, to be honest, and immediately wondered if I'd ever have a beach house there. Then looked at the real estate listings and thought, bloody hell.

Unlike Tumbletimes in Christchurch, the Invercargill gym is set up for gymnasts full-time, which means that the preschoolers' sessions are in this huge, soft-padded hall, including...

...a foam pit.

Is everybody moving down here?

It is... I don't even know what's the word. Funny? Bizarre? Spectacular?

A few days ago I started talking to a man moving the shopping trolleys in the supermarket, and turns out he moved to Invercargill 4 months ago from Nelson. They're building a house here.

Yesterday I started talking to a young woman who was walking her dog in a dog park. She moved here from Christchurch a few months ago and has just bought her first home.

Today I started talking to a mom in a children's playground, and turns out: they moved to Invercargill yesterday, from Wellington. They will be buying a house here, settling.

I am, like... wow.

I told about it The Man and he rolled his eyes, saying, "Better get onto buying this house then!"

Yeah, I guess that's one way of approaching it.

A few house photos

I've already come to love having a covered deck and will sure have something like it in our future home: even if it rains, the washing gets most of the way to dry!

There are tui-s (a type of a bird in New Zealand) who come to sing on this tree.

Boxes, boxes everywhere.

Got it!

I am... smiling smugly.

Because here's what happened: this morning I got a call from the medical centre, and they said that although they are not enrolling new patients officially, they have decided to make some exceptions on a case by case basis, and we are that exception. Which means that this morning I popped in the medical centre, filled in all the paperwork, gave them copies of our medical records and now we are, officially, enrolled with a GP in Invercargill.

Which makes me wonder if people got tired of hearing that Maria has called again.

Either way, phew! And that makes me very, very pleased :)

I am still running a deficit of time as I am spending large chunks of each day sorting things out, but one day I will start writing again, and I will tell you how I find the area we are living in surprisingly awesome.

It's taking me 3 minutes to walk to preschool. A playground is 2 minutes walk away and another, bigger playground, 7 minutes. A dog park is 5 minutes' walk. Across the road is a large grassy field. The Man is cycling to work. The neighbours are nice. The log burner's working. We've been to the library, to the swimming pool, to the Tumbletimes session. There's a lady with young kids who has offered to take me places and be a kind of a friend to me, like a big sister of sorts. On the upcoming weekend a train show is happening and The Man is already making plans of what we're going to do there.

Which means that today when we got officially enrolled with a doctor and the one big problem I had got fixed, I just sighed a big, loud sigh and went, "Ahhhhhhh..."

Good things are happening.