"Daddy sing?" she asks and I reply, "No, definitely not daddy..."

New neighbours have moved in. They have an interest towards opera singing.

It's an uniquely quaint experience on a warm, clear day like today when their windows are wide open because I'll be standing in the kitchen mixing up a batch of muesli and in the background a young Asian man is singing classical music in Italian. I look out the window and there is his teacher, waving his arms around, conducting and guiding.

Definitely haven't experienced anything like this before :)

Nop, no go

Today two builders looked through 165 Bowmont street we were considering buying - you know, that house - and it's confirmed: we are not buying it. The internal wooden structure and piles are so rotten that the house doesn't, probably, even have more than 10 years left to live as it is now.

It's both a relief (it is finally confirmed and I am not sitting in house buying limbo-land!) and a nod to myself that, Maria, continue househunting. It is such a wonderful experience, isn't it, buying houses. Such a wonderful experience! 



Two years ago we had the first set of leg casts for The Kid, and we've had more since. Once a year he wears them, on average.

Just like in Christchurch, Invercargill hospital put us on a waiting list and said it would be "sometime in the next four months" that we'd get them.

But then a phone rang this morning and they asked if we'd be up for doing it TOMORROW and I'm, like, huh?


Okay, tomorrow.

Jesus. Tomorrow.

Let's breathe in, breathe out, and think what's involved. You can do it, Maria, we've done this before.


Enough train track

I think we're at a point where I can safely say, we have enough train track.

Because look at that:

The kids are definitely pleased. (If I were a kid, I'd be, too!)