Family life

It's not a big deal, really, but I just thought I'd share :)

Last night reminded me what stage our family is in: the stage where little kids are involved, where people work a lot, where time for doing things just gets carved out, casualties or not, and where tiredness is a familiar companion that we have learned to accept and live with.

After a hot and humid day, the kids were in bed by 19:30. I walked The Dog, had a shower. Me and The Man spent the evening on the bed playing Komodo until by about 21:30 I just could not function any more - the game got set aside mid-turn and by ten, everyone was asleep.

By one o'clock I was up for the first time. I drink so much water at the moment that I never sleep through the night and instead, get up mid-sleep to empty my bladder and then zonk back out within a minute of getting back in bed.

At three o'clock, The Kid was awake and crying. Each evening he chooses one toy to take to bed with him, and last night it was a Duplo figure which, by 3 am, he had lost somewhere in the room or the sheets and was crying about. I grumbled whilst searching for a Duplo figure, and thought how I really have better things to do at 3 am than search for a Duplo figure :).

But I found it, and he went back to sleep, and so did I.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, The Man was up. It's a season of Christmas parties and today, his company drives up into the mountains to then come back down a river in a jet boat, stopping along the way to barbecue food and get eaten alive by sandflies.

I, meanwhile, have plenty to do, too. The kids' preschool is hosting a Christmas party with Santa visiting, the playcafe we sometimes visit is hosting a Christmas party, our friends from Tumbletimes have invited us for a playdate in their back yard and in the evening, if The Man gets back home early enough, I want to go the gymnastics class again. There's plenty more injuries to have on the trampoline :)

Which is basically to say, I probably won't go to the playcafe Christmas party, I probably will sleep well tonight - apart from getting up with a full bladder, of course, and maybe comforting any other children who have had bad dreams or have lost toys in bed - and then tomorrow morning we will go through this thing again where we will get up from bed even though we would really rather stay there for another two hours and one day I will find myself old and my kids grown up and I will think, huh, that wasn't too bad.

Well, we'll see about that last part, but everything else sounds pretty solid to me :)


The Girlie has hardly enough hair to even put a hairtie on, but she demands a hairtie regardless and this is what we end up with. She loves it :)

I love how most trees in Invercargill are shaped like that. Can you guess which way cold Southerly wind is blowing from? ;)

The Girlie just decided she was going to ride an adult scooter, and that's that. Only two years old, I guess she'll be riding a full-on bike by the time she's four.

You'd love to see how my kids play in the bath when they're getting along well. You also wouldn't want to be in the bathroom when they aren't :), but that's another story.

I love my family.

Three great TED talks

No, the enthusiasm's not gone

Several people have remarked that we must've lost the enthusiasm for our house hunt. They say, isn't it so that at first it feels so amazing to be able to look for a house to buy! But then you realise how difficult it actually is, and how not fun.

I can understand why they'd say that. A few weeks ago I was bubbling with house-viewings and thoughts on real estate, and now there's silence.

But it's not because we've lost our enthusiasm. I've definitely not lost it.

It's because there aren't any new houses for sale.

I've a set of search criteria I use to see what houses are for sale in Invercargill and for the last few weeks there's been hardly any new listings at all. The only thing that's changed is the number of houses - it's going down, and down, and down. Every day I see how more houses get taken off the market, and I think, damn it. 

I've even spoken to the real estate agents. What's the deal?, I've asked them and they've explained to me that it's the pre-Christmas silence - people don't want to deal with house sales during Christmas. Basically, if someone's wanting to sell their house, they'll probably hold off until January when a glut of new listings will hit the market again, and, man!, I'm looking forward to that.

Because for the moment, all the houses that were potentially "ours" have been looked at and dealt with. Some are wanting more money than we think they're worth ("Let me know when they're ready to drop the price, and we'll talk," I've said to the real estate agents.) Some are too big, some too small. Some won't fit under our bank's mortgage criteria (replacing wiring, plumbing AND scrim all at the same time takes money - as in, more than the house would end up being worth at the end).

Which means that for the moment, yes, there's silence because there's, literally, nothing else out there. I'd love to move, but I can't. I have to wait.

Caterpillars cocooning at home

I hope the photo's author doesn't mind me posting it here, but when I read this blog post and saw what an excited little face was behind the caterpillar...!

Having a mom who brings home a bunch of caterpillars and then writes about it (so that this mom's friends can read about it from Invercargill and go, "This is so cool!") - is cool.

Very, very cool.

Because if I, as a 5-year-old, had had caterpillars cocooning at home, I would've been WAY stoked.

Way stoked!

PS. Probably a little too much excitement, but... This is so cool! :)